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We want to move, bodies, hearts and minds. We are Kato, a Berlin based film production company. Film is still the most effective way of communication and we know how to use it. We know how to create it. Beside the production of films we concentrate on ideas. Nothing is more relevant for a successful film than the basement. We won't make films for CEOs, we have seen fare too many of those - we make films for followers, customers, friends - actually for everyone is connected to you. Get inspired and have a look around. If you have any question feel free to contact us. 

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here are some of the companies we use to work for: 

Audi, ARD, Sky, Deutsche Filmakademie, Hella, Hammer Zuhause, B|Braun, Rossmann, DKB, RWE, BASF, Fisherman's Friend, Würth, Porsche,, Bosch, AMG, Allianz, Bertelsmann, Livewelt, Hauptstadtkoffer, VW, Swiss, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Markilux, DOSB, Kärcher, Gaggenau, Smava, Nivea, Edeka, DFB, Caritas, Bifi, Fiat, Humbold Forum, Smart